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Charity & Changing the World.

As I was driving home from work yesterday, I heard someone come on the radio and advertise a school supply drive where you could bring school supplies to this particular location and they would then be donated to people in need.  I sat there and began thinking: yes, donating school supplies to people in need might help a child a little bit in school, or at least help out the parents so they don’t have to spend the money, but to what end?   The people doing this don’t actually care about changing the systems that put people in need of school supplies in the first place.  All they’re doing is giving companies like Walmart and Crayola some extra money that they wouldn’t have otherwise gotten.

I don’t believe we should stop giving people things they need like food, clothes, medicine, and school supplies.  However, we should realize that if that is all we are going to do, all we’re doing is creating a situation where generations after us will still be giving school supplies to each other years down the road, with no actual problems being solved.  We’re just going to end up with more and more people who need school supplies, clothes, medicine, food, etc.

I think that our concept of “charity” here in America, however well-intentioned it may be, is not solution-oriented enough.  We think we can just throw people money every now and then and maybe it will fix the world’s problems.  NEWS FLASH! That isn’t going to work!  To solve the problems that we see in the world today, we need a lot less charity and a lot more working on innovative ideas that will really change things.  Does our economic system allow for people to make absurd profits off the proliferation of complex societal problems like mental disease, poverty, drug use and abuse, the cancer and obesity epidemics, and terrorism?  Absolutely.  Capitalism definitely has its pros, but it also has some major cons.  Does our current governmental system allow people with large amounts of money to have a much larger political influence than those without the same?  Yes.  We may have a “democracy,” but it is corrupt, and it is not serving the people.  It needs a renovation.

To reiterate, my point is that charity, however helpful it may be for some people at some times, will not change the world in any meaningful way.  We need to – and I say this all the time – think bigger.  As in we need to see a bigger picture.  When we see problems – for example, cancer – we need to focus not just on ways to “cure” them or to put a metaphorical band-aid on them, but on ways to prevent them from ever happening in the first place.

So, I say let’s get out there and do some real work to change the world.  Not just sit around throwing people a few things here and there while perpetuating the very system that got them there in the first place.  God* knows we need some new and fresh ideas for this crazy 21st-century world.


*or Allah, or Buddha, or Vishnu, or The Universe


Do Something!

There’s so much that I see wrong with the world.  It’s not that there is no good; it’s just that I don’t see the good overcoming the bad in a lot of situations.  Basically, I see that there are a lot of problems, but I also see that, as a whole, the human race has access to all the resources in the world, all the labor in the world and all the intelligence in the world – we just never have taken advantage of that fact.  If we could get over our silly ideas about communism and anarchism and literally just act like a group because we are, we could fix everything so quickly… oh, so quickly.

But instead we do nothing.

We let people who we know are corrupt run things; we follow their laws, and put up with their surveillance while we just keep going to work, shopping and watching TV… like all of the world can just do that forever and everything’s gonna turn out fine

We.  Cannot.  Entrust the world.  To a few individuals.  Then sit around.  And do nothing.  And expect.  Everything.  To be okay!

We’re ruining the environment!  And I’m not just talking about global warming.  I’m talking about us spilling oil all over the place.  I’m talking about the mountains of trash in the oceans.  I’m talking about deforestation, and genetically modifying plants and animals without understanding the consequences it could have on the ecosystem.

We’re turning into a surveillance/police state.  We can’t know exactly how they’re using them, but there are cameras that track license plates at nearly every intersection in America.  There are drones patrolling our skies these days.  Did you know that?  CCTV cameras that are accessible even from remote locations are installed literally everywhere you go.  When you go to work, you’re on camera.  When you go grocery shopping, you’re on camera.  When you get gas, you’re on camera.  At the doctor’s office, you’re on camera.

Nobody’s happy with the government in America.  Republicans are mad; democrats are mad, and the independents, libertarians, and green partiers all don’t like how things are.  Congress has a six percent approval rating.  Nobody really seems to have a say in what’s going on up in Washington, and our representatives are not there to represent us at all.

I could go on, but we all know that things – at the least here in America, but also in other countries like Turkey, Brazil, Greece, China, Japan, Syria, Palestine, Iran, the UK, Iraq and many others – aren’t looking too good for a varying yet interrelated number of reasons.  I list all the other countries because I don’t want to make it seem like America’s problems are the only ones in the world that matter: they’re just the ones I am the most familiar with and feel like I can have the most impact on because I speak the language and actually live here.

My point is that there are a lot of things that are wrong, and there are a lot of people spending a lot of time either not addressing them or actually perpetuating them and making them worse. 

Some people may wonder why these things are such a huge deal to me, and there’s two main reasons:  the first is that I have to live in this world no matter how bad it is or gets, so if I can have anything to do with it at all, I want it to be a pleasant place to spend my One Life.  The second, though, is not so self-interested, and is about the fact that so many other people have to live with even worse consequences of the way things are:  extreme poverty, perpetual warfare and just a generally not-pleasant, repressed life are some of them.  For their sake, as well as my own, I feel very dedicated to changing the way Things Are on this planet.  I’d rather spend my entire life working hard to do that, than spend it in a comfortable luxury forever and wake up one day to realize the earth has become a real-life hell, or even worse, to see the human race go extinct through nuclear warfare or some other horrible means.  We have way more potential and can do WAY better than that.  I’ll always say this because it’s always true, but now is the time to Do Something.  So,

1, 2, 3…


Hungry for Change

”We could feed a starving world with what we throw away.” – Nickelback

I work at a restaurant, so I know all too well the truth in that statement.  We probably throw away nearly a quarter of the food we sell.  At one point the other night I threw away almost an entire pizza, and that’s just one thing that I had to trash.  I was only one of eleven servers that night, and that doesn’t include what cooks, to-go, and the prep and expo lines all throw away.  The restaurant I work at is just one of fifteen-hundred in the same chain, and there are probably a hundred different chains from ours that also throw away that much food each and every night.  None of that even includes what fast food restaurants and grocery stores throw away, nor does it take into account the food that gets thrown away before it ever makes its way into a store.  And that isn’t even all.  There’s also all the food that gets thrown away in our homes: leftovers that don’t get eaten, food that goes bad, all kinds of scraps from cooking… 

As I hope you can see, just in America we’re probably throwing away food nearly every second.  Keeping that in mind, consider the fact that someone dies of hunger or malnutrition every 3.5 seconds throughout the world.  That’s a thousand people every hour, or 25,000 people every day!  If all the food that were thrown away in just the United States each day had instead been in the hands of those people who died, we very well could have prevented a large number of unnecessary deaths. 

I don’t see this situation of wasting so much food while people starve to death as any different than just standing by and watching – not doing anything – as you see someone getting assaulted or killed.  Personally, I get a guilty conscious every time I go to throw away a plate of food at work – especially when I am hungry also.  It upsets me knowing that something that’s going to go sit in a dump and rot could have fed both my boyfriend and I for the night.

The whole state of things is madness, but I know that there is a workable solution to the problem of World Hunger.  I can’t say exactly how that solution is going to look, but I do know it will require cooperation on a global scale, and something about our “system” that is modern capitalism will probably have to change – and drastically.  The solution to the problem would probably include an increased amount of local farming and gardening (community gardens are great!), as well as exploring different, more sustainable and productive models of growing food – for example, permaculture. 

Something about the amount of meat we consume as society is likely going to have to change as well.  Sad as it is, currently, an enormous amount of the food (like corn and grain) that the world produces is actually going into feeding animals that give us less than a pound of meat per pound of food that goes into feeding them.

The situation is a little sticky, and I’m not saying it won’t be complicated at some points trying to solve such a widespread problem.  However, it is the right thing for any decent human beings to do, especially considering the food hogs that we Westerners have become over the years.  I think we owe a big apology to the world. 

Speaking of the world, we really need to be talking about these things on a global scale – as, of course, we do many other important issues… But I think that some kind of online platform designed to facilitate debate and discussions between large numbers of people could really benefit all of us right now (and I’ll go into that more on another blog). (;

So, in your opinion:  what kinds of things can you see as helping to solve the problem of World Hunger in the future? Do you even think it can be solved?

Would love to hear what you have to Say. (;

Keep Loving ❤

A Better World.

I’d like to tell you all just a little bit about a world that I envision for us Humans here on Earth. (:

It’s a world where no one goes hungry; everyone has a place to live and clean water to drink.  A world where all countries are truly Democratic and the idea of war is a thing of the past – there are more civil ways to settle differences.  It’s a world where being yourself is more important than “fitting in,” and people can get along even when they don’t agree on everything.

In this world, people are just people; not male, female, black, white, gay, straight, taken, single, American or Japanese (of course these words can identify people; they just don’t define them in any way).  It’s a world where we love each Other because we all have lives.  And families.  And desires.  And a voice. 

People are worth respecting until they’ve done something to lose it.

In my ideal world taxes aren’t something to pay because it’s required of you, but because you realize that by pooling your community’s money and resources, you can do so much more for yourselves than any one of you could do on your own.  In this world Nature is treasured, because she is our mother, and without her there is No human race to speak of. There would be parks, community gardens, trails, and wildlife everywhere, and any decision made would take into account the effect on the Natural World.

In this ideal world of mine, Love Rules.  Peace is the Norm.  Violence is shunned, and we are all Free, autonomous Beings who can Think for Ourselves.

I think it’s a world worth fighting for, and I don’t plan to give up until I see it or I die, whichever comes first.

I can always use help!

Please join me,