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Fukushima. The Philippines. Oil Spills. GMOs. Needless wars. I feel like there isn’t a single thing out there that’s not screaming out to me:


People are being arrested all over the world for a myriad of silly, non-harmful actions as our police are increasingly focused on and being bought out by big money.

On that note, cops are overstepping their authority in just about every twisted way you can imagine (“protect and serve?” Not so much.).

There are people thinking that “if we could just pass a few more laws!” everything would be perfect. But it won’t – laws don’t change people, people change people.

Then, there are the people who think we have too many laws (and I’d be inclined to agree with them, to a degree) and that getting rid of them will make everything perfect. But it won’t, the entire system needs a major revamping.

Our legal system is a joke, where the winner in any case pretty much comes down to the person with enough money to pay for a lawyer who knows all the loopholes in our giant mess of laws – the number of which is only increasing every day.

Our food system would be more properly named our “food-like” system, as more and more of it is being concocted in labs as opposed to grown on farms (and sometimes even what’s growing on the farm was made in a lab!).

Our general lack of real nutrition is causing people to need MULTIPLE prescriptions per person, and the TV acts like this is just totally normal, while the drug companies happily soak up all that extra money they get from the terribly jacked up situation.

Speaking of which, our for-profit healthcare system is focused on prescribing patent-able drugs, rather than preventing and curing ailments and diseases, because, of course, doing that would make them a lot less money (and when the almighty dollar has nearly-god-status, we can’t have that, now, can we?!).

Our mass media system has death on replay and manages to keep any semblance of good news far from any now-hopeless American ears, ensuring that people keep believing change is impossible and that everybody everywhere is out to get them (and their children).

Millions of people are just scrounging to get by while the fat rich kids continue to nickel-and-dime us all in order to buy bigger houses, shinier cars, and more advertising space – ensuring that you continue to believe that this is the way everything is supposed to work.

And that, my friends, is the saddest part of it all. Most people believe that everything in the world is just dandy, civilization has reached its peak, and to do ANYTHING even remotely differently is like making a deal with the devil. You want to revamp the entire government? You’re a terrorist! You want a new economic system that distributes wealth more equally? Then you’re a communist, libtarded, idealistic, evil-hippy who knows nothing about how this stuff works. You want to legalize marijuana?! You must be the devil incarnate – God, save us all now!

But – truth is – I’m not a terrorist. I’m not a communist, and I’m not the devil-incarnate. I’m a human being. A human being who cares an awful lot about the one and only planet we inhabit, the delicate balance of life that must be maintained in order for our species to survive, and, of course, the billions of other thinking, feeling, loving human beings that inhabit this tiny little earth with me. I see, more clearly than you could ever imagine, how easily we could turn our dire situation around if we could only admit that we have a problem, and commit to working together to fix it.

Sure, we could just do nothing, all die in a hellish apocalypse together, and the universe would probably go on as if nothing had happened. That is an obvious possibility. But wouldn’t that be an awfully anti-climactic ending to the wonderful human story we’ve written together thus far? I mean, we’ve worked our way through the Dark Ages, fought our way through slavery, and protested our way to human rights for everybody – young, old, male, female, black, white, and otherwise. We’ve come so far, but we still have a long ways to go. To give up now would be to throw away 10,000+ years of human history – all of that effort for nothing!

I simply will not give up that easily. I was not born on this planet to witness all of this injustice and then just sit back and do nothing about it. I’m going to keep fighting – regardless of the names I’ll be called, the looks I’ll be given, or the rumors that will spring up around me and what I’m doing. There is LIFE out there that needs my help, and I’m not going to ignore its cry.

All I hope for in this is that you – yes, YOU – might join me in my fight for Justice, in my fight for PEACE, in my fight for truth, and in my fight for love.

Together, we CAN make this world a better place.

KT ❤



Changing Perspectives.

“Before you judge me, walk a mile in my shoes.” – Unknown

I often feel like I need to be a voice for the Muslim community, even though I am not a Muslim myself.  The way that Muslims are treated, especially by Christians in America is so much more hateful than anything I’ve ever seen a True Muslim do.

I’ve heard people call for killing them all, burning their mosques, blowing their countries to pieces, and “silencing” them by any number of grotesque means.  Not only are these things incredibly violent and hateful, but if I believed in “the devil” I would much sooner attribute such speech to him than I would the Religion of Islam.

I do not condone the actions of any so-called “terrorists.”  I do not believe in killing innocent people, ever.  However, imagine this with me, if you will:

You are an average 18-yr-old Muslim boy just minding your own business living life in Iraq in 2003, somewhere near Baghdad but not in it.  Maybe you were going to school there.  You certainly did not condone the actions of the men who perpetrated 9/11.  Neither did many of the people you know.  Social media wasn’t as developed as it is now, so there was no “getting on Facebook or Twitter” to voice your opinion on the issue.  Anyway, so you’re just living life and in the end of April, “shock and awe” happens.  Countless bombs are raining down on Baghdad for days. Though you don’t live in the city, many of your friends do, and many people you once knew are now dead.  Many people who didn’t agree with the actions a certain 19 individuals took against America on 9/11.  Many people who just wanted to live in peace. 

Now, remember, you’re nineteen so your pre-frontal cortex is just beginning to develop and your hormones are going crazy and you’re likely to make all kinds of bad, un-thought-out decisions about things.  You see all these innocent people dead and it makes you angry. Really angry.  My friends didn’t deserve this!  My family didn’t deserve this!!  

…But let’s say this little bout of rage passes over you and you eventually start getting on with life again, as normally as you can manage.  These days, the streets aren’t very safe and white guys in tanks with all kinds of guns and bombs roam the area all the time.  You always feel a little ping of anger and even hate when you see them. 

Just get the hell out of my country!

Somehow, you hear about how in America they pretty much hate Muslims since 9/11.  With all the hateful rhetoric spewing from the mouths of Conservative Christians, and the complete bias of American media in portraying all Muslims as violent, crazy people, you’re bound to hear something about it.  The Americans are in both your country and Afghanistan, and there are rumors about bombings in Pakistan also.  You could swear that the violent and crazy ones are them, not me!  Reports of more bombings and people dying are pretty much a daily thing now. 

With that, imagine you’re having just “one of those” kinds of Bad days.  Maybe a friend died, or the stress level of things is just taking a serious toll on your emotions.  You’re thinking about your religion, and the actions and words of so many Americans against it, who have no idea what they’re talking about or anything about Islam at all. 

Except for what their TVs told them. 

While pondering this fact, your brain starts getting into conspiracy-theory area when one of your friends comes over to tell you about how he’s joined some kind of radical group that is fighting against exactly what you were just thinking about.  The conspiracy of the West against your country and against Islam.  You decide to go to a meeting with him.

Okay, so obviously that was all made up, but it is entirely based on real events that happened and real things that real people feel in these kinds of situations.  My hope is that, even if for a minute, you were able to put yourself in the shoes of someone who is in the right age-range for becoming part of a radical Islamic group, not so you can condone his actions but so we can see that it was us who radicalized him!  Every step towards his wanting to join one of these groups came as a Result of the actions of Americans.  Be it the bombing and killing of innocent people, extreme hate speech, occupation of the country, or biased portrayals of Muslims in movies and on TV. 

If we seriously want to have ANY influence whatsoever against terrorism, we have to preach a different message than them!  We have to preach love, NOT hate.  We have to preach tolerance, not intolerance.  We have to preach peace, not war.  And we need to preach that the actions of One do not represent the actions of All; you cannot kill innocent people to make up for what the guilty ones Did to you.

I hope I was able to give you a different perspective on terrorism than the Tired western-media portrayal of someone who supposedly hates us for our freedoms.

Much love to you all,