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Christianity & Homosexuality.

I realize there are probably a million posts on this topic around the web, but I want to present just a slightly different perspective (Honestly, I’m writing this for all the Christians that I used to know when I, too, considered myself a “Christian,” as I understand the way they think and I can generally see the exact points where their logic goes awry). So, without further ado, this is what I’d like to discuss with any Christians who believe that homosexuality is a sin: why?

So far as I can tell, there isn’t a single logical reason that the Christian community has presented as to why homosexuality is a ‘sin.’ In the past, Christians have made attempts at logical reasons like, “homosexuals are more likely to molest children,” or “children growing up in a homosexual household will have severe mental issues,” and even “homosexuality is unnatural.”  All such reasons have since been proven wrong, and most Christians have retreated to the defense that homosexuality is a sin – or somehow morally wrong – simply because the Bible says so.  This, quite obviously, makes no logical sense.  In order to claim that something is morally wrong – and yes, even Christians know this – you must have a better reason than “because so-and-so said so.”  It doesn’t matter if the so-and-so is someone you believe to be God.  Why?  Because, with that logic, you end up like the Pentecostals who won’t cut their hair “because the Bible says so,” or Baptists who won’t let women preach because “the Bible says so,” or even the Jews who won’t eat pork or shellfish – why? – of course, because the Bible says so.  The Christians I grew up around considered all of these groups of people to be Bible-illiterate, or interpreting the Bible incorrectly, yet they all are doing the same thing with regards to homosexuality these days.

Now, to be clear, some moral claims Christians make from the Bible do make logical sense.  Murdering and stealing involve infringing on another person’s rights.  Cheating and dishonesty erode the trust that is necessary for healthy relationships.  Being a drunk causes you to make horrible decisions and can be extremely bad for your health – physically and mentally.  However, when it comes to homosexuality, there are literally no logical reasons why it should be considered a sin – as in, morally wrong – only the overused claim that “the Bible says so.”  (Which, in fact, it really doesn’t, but that’s a whole post on its own.)

I would love to hear a logical reason as to why homosexuality is a sin – here’s one last one that I’ve heard:  homosexual couples aren’t able to reproduce.  But of course, in that case, those who are unable to bear children together should also be considered sinners, as should those who choose to remain single/celibate and couples who choose not to have kids. 

So, again I ask: why

Thanks for reading, and have a GRRRRREAT day!
Much love, ❤

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Moar Nudity.

This topic really gets me riled up for some reason.  I think it’s because from growing up, I personally know the general “conservative” stance on the subject and I know how much energy they give to it and how they look at it.  Nowadays, I’ll see people freaking out about nudity and pornography like “HOLY mother of Jesusssss! Naked bodies and reproducing: that’s the most sinful, immoral, shameful, disgusting thing our kids could ever SEEEEEE! This is why the world is going down the drainnnnn!”

And I’m just like… It is.  A body.  A. BODY.  Teach your kids what they look like from a young age and it will be no surprise to them to see them (research confirms this).  Teach your kids respect for other people and you don’t have to worry about them looking at people in dirty or perverted ways.  Teach your kids why sex is for adults and what it involves and its consequences, etcetera, etcetera, and maybe, just maybe, they’ll make the right choices. If not, guess what?  They’ll learn their lesson!  It’s not your job to literally keep them from making any and all bad choices they might make in life.  It’s your job to inform them and be there for them, guiding them the entire way.

I know – again, personally – from having parents who didn’t really talk to me about sexuality and the like, that if they had encouraged me to just be open with them, instead of making the topic of sex more or less taboo in our household, I probably wouldn’t have gone behind their backs when it came to stuff like that.  I would have just told them up front, or at least would have told them when they asked (if it were done so lovingly, and not accusingly).  But, of course, that’s not what happened.  So instead, I hid it.  So that I wouldn’t get in trouble.  I was more worried about getting in trouble than I was concerned about being honest with my parents.

If that sounds like a recipe for disaster, it’s because it is.  Being able to trust your parents is an important thing.  There has to be a better method of disciplining.

But more on topic.. why sexuality?  Why is it that out of the nearly infinite number of things you could choose to represent immorality, you choose sex?  Something completely natural.  What is it that’s just so disgustingly immoral about it?  Please tell me. 

People are murdered cold-blood every day.  Why don’t you feel so strongly about that?  Most people won’t think twice about letting their kids watch a movie whose entire plot revolves around two people trying to kill each other, or play a game with the same goal — killing.  “Have at it!  The bloodier the better!” they’ll say.  Now take a movie and make it revolve around two people falling in love, then put a sex scene in it.  Oh, now you want to freak out.  Now you want to moan and groan about how immoral our society is becoming.  You people make me sick sometimes.

Teach your kids LOVE.  Teach them peace, and patience.  Teach critical thinking and COMPASSION.  Honesty.  Sharing.  Respect.  And being Real.  Stop worrying so much about if they might accidentally see a breast somewhere, or – God forbid – people procreating. 

People seriously believe that that is what is corrupting the youth of today.  And that’s what the hell is wrong with this world.

Still love you guys though,

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Legality vs. Morality

It’s sad that this conversation is one that even needs to be had, but alas, it does. So, what I’d like to say is this: “Legal” and “right,” as well as “illegal” and “wrong,” are not interchangeable words. Though people may use them in similar ways, they are not the same things and should not be treated as such.

In America we often do this thing where we will use the fact that something is against the law as a reason to say that it is “wrong.” For example, somewhere on most gas station doors you’ll see a sign that reads “Purchasing tobacco for minors: It’s not just wrong, it’s against the law.” It may not be in those exact words but that is what it says. Look for it next time. It’s like doing something “against the law” is the epitome of wrong-doing, and that is just plain bad logic. That kind of thinking – that breaking the law is innately immoral – is actually common to many dystopian, tyrannical societies… much like the one you see in the book 1984.

Just because something is considered illegal doesn’t mean that it is necessarily wrong. It may be illegal in some countries to voice your opinions on certain topics, but that doesn’t mean that it is wrong to voice your opinion in general. Also, just because something is “the law” doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be broken. Here in America, it is (or seems that it is, or could be?) against the law to be a whistleblower, but that doesn’t mean that people shouldn’t be exposing government crimes to the public.

On the flip side, just because something is legal doesn’t mean it is good or that it is something that should be done. When people use loopholes in the laws to get away with things like evading taxes, getting custody of children when they’re unfit to parent, and paying employees less than minimum wage, they may be doing something that is technically “legal,” but that doesn’t mean that any of those things are an example of “good conduct.”

I think the reason that people seem to confuse legality and morality so often is because many of those people don’t even understand what their own morals are. Lots of people think they understand what’s right and wrong – i.e.: don’t kill – but may have never thought about why it is that we don’t kill people. People seriously don’t take the time to think about their morals – or what they believe – very often, and many actually end up with all kinds of double-standards about things without even realizing it (much like how doublethink works in 1984).

Those who are in Power would love nothing more than for the so-often Lazy American Public to leave it up to Them to decide right and wrong for us. Please, don’t let that happen.

Try and think about why it is that you have the morals that you do. What are the principles behind the things you believe people should and should not do? Until you have thought about this – really thought about it – you honestly have no place (yet) to talk about what “is right” and what “is wrong.”

I love you all.
Keep Thinking.

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“Curse” Words

I actually came across this hilarious video after I had already written my blog post, but it went so well together that I had to include it. I also love things that give me a good laugh, so I wanted to give you the chance to do the same (watch the whole thing! It’s probably funnier for Harry Potter fans). (;

… Interlude while you watch.

(Disclaimer: This post may offend you. Keep reading. There’s a method to my madness.)

Okay! So, let’s just get this out of the way… fuck.

I’m willing to bet the majority of you kind of cringed just now. Looking at that particular arrangement of pixels on a screen sets off some kind of alarm-type-thing in most people’s brains. Even in mine, though to a smaller degree, I’m sure. What would your reaction be if you heard a little kid say “that word”?

Most people have been trained – be it be by our media culture, religion, parents or some other means – to have an emotional, if not visceral reaction to certain words, even when they are said without any context at all, as in: fuck. There are literally people taking some kind of offense to that word right now. Why?!

This is my conclusion: it would seem as though a lot of people, perhaps even you, are more concerned about what words are coming out of someone’s mouth than they are with the attitude that lies behind the words. Let that sink in.


That, my friends, is called setting oneself up for total failure! It matters infinitely more why someone is saying something than what they are saying. Just watch a little politics and you’ll figure that one out real quick!

Now, listen, I completely understand getting offended by someone saying “fuck you.” It’s considered mean, rude, and an insult, and I’m definitely not advocating that people be mean or rude to each other! Quite the opposite! But be offended because of the attitude behind the words, not the words themselves. This sick fixation we have with more or less arbitrary words simply “being bad” on their own – independent of anything – is completely irrational and based only on the fact that “society says it’s bad.”

I’ve got some news for ya, Friend. Society is going to tell you all kinds of things are bad. I touched on that in this post. “Society” clings to traditions and often doesn’t know when to let go. People have been using the “but society! Tradition! The world will fall to piecessss!” argument for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. They’ve attempted to use it for everything from accepting the sun as the center of our solar system to allowing gay people to marry. Nearly every time, all it does is hold meaningful human progress back.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I, personally, couldn’t care less what so-called “society” has to say about me, my words, or my actions. What I do care about is rational people coming to me with rational reasons why certain things should or should not be done. You would do well to do the same! It’s past time to get rid of the “what others will think” shackles, as well as “tradition,” “conformity,” and anything else that people think should take precedence over plain logic.

Free Your Mind.

So… Morality?

”People who claim to require handbooks in which to look up right and wrong are admitting to psychopathy, or at least to sociopathy.”

Morality, what it means, and where it comes from are becoming increasingly hot topics in the melting pot of belief systems that represents the 21st century.

I have this crazy but tantalizing idea that this whole thing is a lot more simple than we’re making it out to be.  First:  it doesn’t matter where morality comes from, be it God or some part of our brain that evolved over millions of years.  We all can agree on certain things, regardless.  The only time this becomes an issue is when people want to argue that actions that have no victim are innately wrong (like homosexuality). 

Murder is pretty much accepted as wrong across the board with the exception of defending yourself or others, and even then we generally would say to kill only as a last resort.  People generally accept that you don’t just walk up and take food out of another person’s hand and start eating it yourself.  It is wrong to forcibly have sex with people.

So we can see that, for the most part, we can draw some kind of consensus as to what is generally right and wrong, without ever referring to any particular set of beliefs. Now, of course, most people will argue their convictions about right and wrong using their own belief systems, but even these people must be willing to accept the fact that there are people who believe differently than they do and yet still have the same moral stance on many issues like rape and murder.

I’m willing to argue that there is only one simple moral principle that literally the entire world could live by:  you have the right to do as you wish, so long as you don’t hinder the rights of others to do the same. 

Sound way too simple?  Murder is the perfect example.  One might be able to argue that a murderer likes murdering people and is doing as they wish, but in doing so they are taking away the victim’s right to do as they wish and so they therefore must be stopped.

Let’s see how many “wrongs” we can come up with that follow this principle:

Drunk Driving
Serious Threatening
Forcing Anything
And even Lying (because the other person can’t really do as they please without knowing the truth)

Now, let’s see how many “wrongs” (legal, religious, social) we know of that don’t follow this principle:

Doing drugs (unless said drugs cause you to be aggressive)
Having lots of sex
Not wearing a Seatbelt
Having sex before marriage
Having sex with the same gender

There are some Free Speech related issues that I wouldn’t be sure how to deal with in this sense, as in: people not wanting to hear/see certain things but you wanting to speak/show them.  I don’t think anyone really has a “right” to not hear/see something… but maybe I’m incorrect.  I did say that I don’t know everything, right?

So what are your thoughts on this issue?! 

Would love to hear them.

P.S. While I have your attention, just wanted to apologize to anybody who felt like I was generalizing Christians in my previous posts.  I’ve noticed my crazy ways and will try to adjust myself accordingly in the future.  Keep the feedback cominnn!