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Christianity & Homosexuality.

I realize there are probably a million posts on this topic around the web, but I want to present just a slightly different perspective (Honestly, I’m writing this for all the Christians that I used to know when I, too, considered myself a “Christian,” as I understand the way they think and I can generally see the exact points where their logic goes awry). So, without further ado, this is what I’d like to discuss with any Christians who believe that homosexuality is a sin: why?

So far as I can tell, there isn’t a single logical reason that the Christian community has presented as to why homosexuality is a ‘sin.’ In the past, Christians have made attempts at logical reasons like, “homosexuals are more likely to molest children,” or “children growing up in a homosexual household will have severe mental issues,” and even “homosexuality is unnatural.”  All such reasons have since been proven wrong, and most Christians have retreated to the defense that homosexuality is a sin – or somehow morally wrong – simply because the Bible says so.  This, quite obviously, makes no logical sense.  In order to claim that something is morally wrong – and yes, even Christians know this – you must have a better reason than “because so-and-so said so.”  It doesn’t matter if the so-and-so is someone you believe to be God.  Why?  Because, with that logic, you end up like the Pentecostals who won’t cut their hair “because the Bible says so,” or Baptists who won’t let women preach because “the Bible says so,” or even the Jews who won’t eat pork or shellfish – why? – of course, because the Bible says so.  The Christians I grew up around considered all of these groups of people to be Bible-illiterate, or interpreting the Bible incorrectly, yet they all are doing the same thing with regards to homosexuality these days.

Now, to be clear, some moral claims Christians make from the Bible do make logical sense.  Murdering and stealing involve infringing on another person’s rights.  Cheating and dishonesty erode the trust that is necessary for healthy relationships.  Being a drunk causes you to make horrible decisions and can be extremely bad for your health – physically and mentally.  However, when it comes to homosexuality, there are literally no logical reasons why it should be considered a sin – as in, morally wrong – only the overused claim that “the Bible says so.”  (Which, in fact, it really doesn’t, but that’s a whole post on its own.)

I would love to hear a logical reason as to why homosexuality is a sin – here’s one last one that I’ve heard:  homosexual couples aren’t able to reproduce.  But of course, in that case, those who are unable to bear children together should also be considered sinners, as should those who choose to remain single/celibate and couples who choose not to have kids. 

So, again I ask: why

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Same Love.

”…and I can’t change.  Even if I tried; even if I wanted to.”  – Same Love, Macklemore

I don’t believe I’ve yet commented on my stance on homosexuality, but in light of the recent DOMA decision I wanted to tell you a little bit about it.  As I’m sure you could guess, I am all for Equal Rights. ❤  Many of my best friends are gay/lesbian/bisexual, and the idea that they should be treated any differently than myself because of who they love is absolutely insane.

I think many people who oppose Equal Rights for LGBTQ people have this common idea that homosexuality is somehow unnatural, and they therefore see themselves as opposing mostly a sexual activity – something like prostitution or multiple-partner sex (that’s why they always bring those up in their slippery-slope arguments). 

What they, unfortunately, don’t really see is all of the loving, committed, beautiful relationships that are not any different from their own committed relationships.  As a result, of course, what they also don’t see is that what we’re fighting for is the right to love whomever you please, not just to have some recreational sex… though I don’t know who in their right mind would be opposed to that either. (;

Relationships between LGBTQ folk are every bit as – if not often more – loving as any heterosexual relationships I’ve ever seen.  If you are reading this and are a heterosexual who is opposed to equal rights, I’d like to ask you if you are in love.  If not currently, have you ever been?  Think about how it feels to love somebody with all of your heart, to be so in love with them that it hurts.

Now, think about how you’d feel if society looked down on you for that.  Imagine how it would feel if society shamed you for that, laughed at you for that and told you that you needed to “hide that or get out.”

Not a very good feeling, is it?  Kinda 1984-Winston-and-Julia-ish, isn’t it?

Being gay is completely natural.  It is not something you can just change about yourself – at least, not without living a lie.  To deny people anything at all based solely on the gender of people they find themselves attracted to, is no different than denying people rights based solely on the color of their skin.  It makes no sense.  Unless someone is getting hurt, the government really has no place in telling people what they can and cannot do…  It’s this little thing that we used to call Freedom.

I hope you all have a wonderful day!


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