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Fukushima. The Philippines. Oil Spills. GMOs. Needless wars. I feel like there isn’t a single thing out there that’s not screaming out to me:


People are being arrested all over the world for a myriad of silly, non-harmful actions as our police are increasingly focused on and being bought out by big money.

On that note, cops are overstepping their authority in just about every twisted way you can imagine (“protect and serve?” Not so much.).

There are people thinking that “if we could just pass a few more laws!” everything would be perfect. But it won’t – laws don’t change people, people change people.

Then, there are the people who think we have too many laws (and I’d be inclined to agree with them, to a degree) and that getting rid of them will make everything perfect. But it won’t, the entire system needs a major revamping.

Our legal system is a joke, where the winner in any case pretty much comes down to the person with enough money to pay for a lawyer who knows all the loopholes in our giant mess of laws – the number of which is only increasing every day.

Our food system would be more properly named our “food-like” system, as more and more of it is being concocted in labs as opposed to grown on farms (and sometimes even what’s growing on the farm was made in a lab!).

Our general lack of real nutrition is causing people to need MULTIPLE prescriptions per person, and the TV acts like this is just totally normal, while the drug companies happily soak up all that extra money they get from the terribly jacked up situation.

Speaking of which, our for-profit healthcare system is focused on prescribing patent-able drugs, rather than preventing and curing ailments and diseases, because, of course, doing that would make them a lot less money (and when the almighty dollar has nearly-god-status, we can’t have that, now, can we?!).

Our mass media system has death on replay and manages to keep any semblance of good news far from any now-hopeless American ears, ensuring that people keep believing change is impossible and that everybody everywhere is out to get them (and their children).

Millions of people are just scrounging to get by while the fat rich kids continue to nickel-and-dime us all in order to buy bigger houses, shinier cars, and more advertising space – ensuring that you continue to believe that this is the way everything is supposed to work.

And that, my friends, is the saddest part of it all. Most people believe that everything in the world is just dandy, civilization has reached its peak, and to do ANYTHING even remotely differently is like making a deal with the devil. You want to revamp the entire government? You’re a terrorist! You want a new economic system that distributes wealth more equally? Then you’re a communist, libtarded, idealistic, evil-hippy who knows nothing about how this stuff works. You want to legalize marijuana?! You must be the devil incarnate – God, save us all now!

But – truth is – I’m not a terrorist. I’m not a communist, and I’m not the devil-incarnate. I’m a human being. A human being who cares an awful lot about the one and only planet we inhabit, the delicate balance of life that must be maintained in order for our species to survive, and, of course, the billions of other thinking, feeling, loving human beings that inhabit this tiny little earth with me. I see, more clearly than you could ever imagine, how easily we could turn our dire situation around if we could only admit that we have a problem, and commit to working together to fix it.

Sure, we could just do nothing, all die in a hellish apocalypse together, and the universe would probably go on as if nothing had happened. That is an obvious possibility. But wouldn’t that be an awfully anti-climactic ending to the wonderful human story we’ve written together thus far? I mean, we’ve worked our way through the Dark Ages, fought our way through slavery, and protested our way to human rights for everybody – young, old, male, female, black, white, and otherwise. We’ve come so far, but we still have a long ways to go. To give up now would be to throw away 10,000+ years of human history – all of that effort for nothing!

I simply will not give up that easily. I was not born on this planet to witness all of this injustice and then just sit back and do nothing about it. I’m going to keep fighting – regardless of the names I’ll be called, the looks I’ll be given, or the rumors that will spring up around me and what I’m doing. There is LIFE out there that needs my help, and I’m not going to ignore its cry.

All I hope for in this is that you – yes, YOU – might join me in my fight for Justice, in my fight for PEACE, in my fight for truth, and in my fight for love.

Together, we CAN make this world a better place.

KT ❤



Legality vs. Morality

It’s sad that this conversation is one that even needs to be had, but alas, it does. So, what I’d like to say is this: “Legal” and “right,” as well as “illegal” and “wrong,” are not interchangeable words. Though people may use them in similar ways, they are not the same things and should not be treated as such.

In America we often do this thing where we will use the fact that something is against the law as a reason to say that it is “wrong.” For example, somewhere on most gas station doors you’ll see a sign that reads “Purchasing tobacco for minors: It’s not just wrong, it’s against the law.” It may not be in those exact words but that is what it says. Look for it next time. It’s like doing something “against the law” is the epitome of wrong-doing, and that is just plain bad logic. That kind of thinking – that breaking the law is innately immoral – is actually common to many dystopian, tyrannical societies… much like the one you see in the book 1984.

Just because something is considered illegal doesn’t mean that it is necessarily wrong. It may be illegal in some countries to voice your opinions on certain topics, but that doesn’t mean that it is wrong to voice your opinion in general. Also, just because something is “the law” doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be broken. Here in America, it is (or seems that it is, or could be?) against the law to be a whistleblower, but that doesn’t mean that people shouldn’t be exposing government crimes to the public.

On the flip side, just because something is legal doesn’t mean it is good or that it is something that should be done. When people use loopholes in the laws to get away with things like evading taxes, getting custody of children when they’re unfit to parent, and paying employees less than minimum wage, they may be doing something that is technically “legal,” but that doesn’t mean that any of those things are an example of “good conduct.”

I think the reason that people seem to confuse legality and morality so often is because many of those people don’t even understand what their own morals are. Lots of people think they understand what’s right and wrong – i.e.: don’t kill – but may have never thought about why it is that we don’t kill people. People seriously don’t take the time to think about their morals – or what they believe – very often, and many actually end up with all kinds of double-standards about things without even realizing it (much like how doublethink works in 1984).

Those who are in Power would love nothing more than for the so-often Lazy American Public to leave it up to Them to decide right and wrong for us. Please, don’t let that happen.

Try and think about why it is that you have the morals that you do. What are the principles behind the things you believe people should and should not do? Until you have thought about this – really thought about it – you honestly have no place (yet) to talk about what “is right” and what “is wrong.”

I love you all.
Keep Thinking.

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