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#thankful4 Wednesday: Ability to Think


I searched the internet for a word that describes this “ability to think,” but I couldn’t find any exact matches.  So, more specifically some things I’m grateful for are humans’ ability to have creative ideas, solve problems, learn new things, and (somewhat) comprehend pretty crazy facts like the sheer immensity of the universe.  I’m grateful that we can talk to ourselves in our head, and that we can use reason and logic to figure things out, analyze the past and (somewhat) predict the future.

The human brain is truly amazing, and something to marvel at no matter where you think we came from.  Despite their numerous failings, our brains are capable of some very intriguing, remarkable stuff.  ❤

I think you should be grateful to have one, too!

Much love,


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* Every Wednesday, I post a picture and a couple paragraphs about something – usually something out of the ordinary – that I’m thankful for. Anybody who wants to is welcome to join me on this endeavor. (;