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Fukushima. The Philippines. Oil Spills. GMOs. Needless wars. I feel like there isn’t a single thing out there that’s not screaming out to me:


People are being arrested all over the world for a myriad of silly, non-harmful actions as our police are increasingly focused on and being bought out by big money.

On that note, cops are overstepping their authority in just about every twisted way you can imagine (“protect and serve?” Not so much.).

There are people thinking that “if we could just pass a few more laws!” everything would be perfect. But it won’t – laws don’t change people, people change people.

Then, there are the people who think we have too many laws (and I’d be inclined to agree with them, to a degree) and that getting rid of them will make everything perfect. But it won’t, the entire system needs a major revamping.

Our legal system is a joke, where the winner in any case pretty much comes down to the person with enough money to pay for a lawyer who knows all the loopholes in our giant mess of laws – the number of which is only increasing every day.

Our food system would be more properly named our “food-like” system, as more and more of it is being concocted in labs as opposed to grown on farms (and sometimes even what’s growing on the farm was made in a lab!).

Our general lack of real nutrition is causing people to need MULTIPLE prescriptions per person, and the TV acts like this is just totally normal, while the drug companies happily soak up all that extra money they get from the terribly jacked up situation.

Speaking of which, our for-profit healthcare system is focused on prescribing patent-able drugs, rather than preventing and curing ailments and diseases, because, of course, doing that would make them a lot less money (and when the almighty dollar has nearly-god-status, we can’t have that, now, can we?!).

Our mass media system has death on replay and manages to keep any semblance of good news far from any now-hopeless American ears, ensuring that people keep believing change is impossible and that everybody everywhere is out to get them (and their children).

Millions of people are just scrounging to get by while the fat rich kids continue to nickel-and-dime us all in order to buy bigger houses, shinier cars, and more advertising space – ensuring that you continue to believe that this is the way everything is supposed to work.

And that, my friends, is the saddest part of it all. Most people believe that everything in the world is just dandy, civilization has reached its peak, and to do ANYTHING even remotely differently is like making a deal with the devil. You want to revamp the entire government? You’re a terrorist! You want a new economic system that distributes wealth more equally? Then you’re a communist, libtarded, idealistic, evil-hippy who knows nothing about how this stuff works. You want to legalize marijuana?! You must be the devil incarnate – God, save us all now!

But – truth is – I’m not a terrorist. I’m not a communist, and I’m not the devil-incarnate. I’m a human being. A human being who cares an awful lot about the one and only planet we inhabit, the delicate balance of life that must be maintained in order for our species to survive, and, of course, the billions of other thinking, feeling, loving human beings that inhabit this tiny little earth with me. I see, more clearly than you could ever imagine, how easily we could turn our dire situation around if we could only admit that we have a problem, and commit to working together to fix it.

Sure, we could just do nothing, all die in a hellish apocalypse together, and the universe would probably go on as if nothing had happened. That is an obvious possibility. But wouldn’t that be an awfully anti-climactic ending to the wonderful human story we’ve written together thus far? I mean, we’ve worked our way through the Dark Ages, fought our way through slavery, and protested our way to human rights for everybody – young, old, male, female, black, white, and otherwise. We’ve come so far, but we still have a long ways to go. To give up now would be to throw away 10,000+ years of human history – all of that effort for nothing!

I simply will not give up that easily. I was not born on this planet to witness all of this injustice and then just sit back and do nothing about it. I’m going to keep fighting – regardless of the names I’ll be called, the looks I’ll be given, or the rumors that will spring up around me and what I’m doing. There is LIFE out there that needs my help, and I’m not going to ignore its cry.

All I hope for in this is that you – yes, YOU – might join me in my fight for Justice, in my fight for PEACE, in my fight for truth, and in my fight for love.

Together, we CAN make this world a better place.

KT ❤



The World’s Changing, and Your Role in It

“I will do the best I can.” – Wangari Maathai, Story of the Hummingbird

The topic of the Power of One has been popping up everywhere in my life lately.  I’ve seen it in documentaries, discussed it in social psychology class, witnessed it in my own and my friends’ lives, and learned about it in the books I’m reading.  I think people often forget – or are never even told – about the power and effect that each individual person has on the world; however, society – this thing we often see ourselves as having no control over – is simply made up of people, their beliefs, and their individual actions, much like the ocean is made up of tiny drops of water.

In the documentary I Am, Desmond Tutu puts it this way: “[You may think] you can’t do anything about global poverty, but yes, you can! You can do something about this guy.”  And that guy.  And the woman over there.  Small actions such as these can combine to manifest huge changes in the world, which brings me to my next point:  the world is changing, and for the better.  I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I don’t believe I’ve ever seen it quite so plainly as I’m seeing it recently. 

Towards the beginning of the summer, there were a good three months where I was experiencing pretty intense episodes – for lack of a better term – of depression over the seemingly overwhelming ‘thing’ that is society and the direction it so often seemed to be headed.  I’ve realized, though, that there is a counter-movement.  There’s now a steady stream of people that are walking the opposite way, away from the cliff that is society’s doom, and the numbers are growing every day.  I know this.  And I want you to know it, too, so I decided to share with you some examples I’ve seen of how the world is changing for the good of all of us (I realize all people might not agree with all of these, they are simply my opinion). (;

– I see higher degrees of socio-political awareness in everybody.  Younger people are following world events; traditionally “conservative” people are opening up on issues like marriage equality, medical marijuana, and environmental destruction; “traditional” businesses are trying to appeal to people like you and me, and more and more people are in favor of peace over war, which prefaces the next point:

– The people of the world essentially halted what could have been a huge mess in Syria. President Obama was more than ready for a military strike, but between other countries and American citizens opposing the action, he decided that it “might not be a good idea.”

– Through my social media accounts, I’m seeing more and more of my friends “awakening” to idea that the world needs to change, and that we have to do it ourselves.  They are using their own accounts to spread the message.

–  There are a growing number of – in my opinion – high-profile “world-changing organizations.”  A few examples: Non-GMO Project, TED, NORML, and Food Not Bombs.

– There’s increasing access to free, online, college education on sites like Coursera, OnlineCourses, and MIT OpenCourseWare.

– We’ve witnessed the first ever legalization of cannabis/hemp in two American states, and half of the United States have legalized medical marijuana (and many are working to follow suit).

– Europe is taking large strides in terms of Energy and is doing so successfully – i.e. German Solar Power, Biking in Amsterdam, Affordable Travel via Eurail, Waste-to-Energy programs, etc.

– There’s an ever-growing amount of social and psychological research in: consciousness, empathy, violence and crime, groupthink, sociological interactions, etc.

– A rising number of people have a decent understanding of human environmental impacts, and there’s an increasing public will to change things (slowly, but surely.)

– And of course, there are many, many more which I cannot list for the sake of brevity (and this list is already quite long!).

I hope this helps you see, even a little, how things seriously are getting better.  Whenever our society’s obstacles seem insurmountable, think about all the similar problems we have overcame as species in the past: slavery, apartheid, equal rights, monarchies and dictatorships, corruption… sure, some of these problems still linger, but we humans are certainly better off than we have been in years before. Not to mention, we now have the internet to enhance our efforts! I’m confident that we’ll continue on this track of progress if we do not give up hope on the many projects and policies we are collectively pursuing.  (:

If you’re already doing your part, stick with it.  Remember the Power of One.
If you’ve yet to come aboard, join us!  Learn about the Power of One. (;

Much love going out to you all, ❤

Does Anybody?

*I wrote this on a whim, to go with the above song.. Feel free to listen while you read.

Does anybody else cry over the smallest amount of spilled milk?
Does anybody else get overly angry at those slower-than-slow drivers on the highway?
Does anybody else go outside at sunset, just to take in the beauty of it?
I do.

Does anybody else love to eat chocolate ice cream straight out of the carton?
Does anybody else dance or sing their heart out in front of the mirror when nobody’s home?
Does anybody else follow current events, just so they can feel like they’re part of a bigger picture?
I do.

Does anybody else worry about what the world will look like in the next five, ten, fifty years?
Does anybody else think our one-week vacations to the beach are too few and far between?
Does anybody else see the twinkling stars at night and wish they could escape this place?
I do.

Does anybody else feel like life is eluding them, somewhere behind school, work, dating, bills, fads, TV, Facebook, movies, parties, and politics?
Does anybody else cherish every moment spent with friends, family, and lovers, because that’s when you truly feel alive?
Does anybody else want to go back to the basics, and live a simpler life?
I do.

Does anybody else see the starving children in EVERY country and wish those children could partake in the extreme excess of food we have here in America?
Does anybody else’s heart pound when they listen to a chorus of hundreds of people, all singing about the same goals and dreams?
Does anybody else wonder if they are losing it sometimes?
I do.

Does anybody else wonder where the love has gone?
Does anybody else question the current state of our world?
Does anybody else wonder what happened?
Does anybody?



Do Something!

There’s so much that I see wrong with the world.  It’s not that there is no good; it’s just that I don’t see the good overcoming the bad in a lot of situations.  Basically, I see that there are a lot of problems, but I also see that, as a whole, the human race has access to all the resources in the world, all the labor in the world and all the intelligence in the world – we just never have taken advantage of that fact.  If we could get over our silly ideas about communism and anarchism and literally just act like a group because we are, we could fix everything so quickly… oh, so quickly.

But instead we do nothing.

We let people who we know are corrupt run things; we follow their laws, and put up with their surveillance while we just keep going to work, shopping and watching TV… like all of the world can just do that forever and everything’s gonna turn out fine

We.  Cannot.  Entrust the world.  To a few individuals.  Then sit around.  And do nothing.  And expect.  Everything.  To be okay!

We’re ruining the environment!  And I’m not just talking about global warming.  I’m talking about us spilling oil all over the place.  I’m talking about the mountains of trash in the oceans.  I’m talking about deforestation, and genetically modifying plants and animals without understanding the consequences it could have on the ecosystem.

We’re turning into a surveillance/police state.  We can’t know exactly how they’re using them, but there are cameras that track license plates at nearly every intersection in America.  There are drones patrolling our skies these days.  Did you know that?  CCTV cameras that are accessible even from remote locations are installed literally everywhere you go.  When you go to work, you’re on camera.  When you go grocery shopping, you’re on camera.  When you get gas, you’re on camera.  At the doctor’s office, you’re on camera.

Nobody’s happy with the government in America.  Republicans are mad; democrats are mad, and the independents, libertarians, and green partiers all don’t like how things are.  Congress has a six percent approval rating.  Nobody really seems to have a say in what’s going on up in Washington, and our representatives are not there to represent us at all.

I could go on, but we all know that things – at the least here in America, but also in other countries like Turkey, Brazil, Greece, China, Japan, Syria, Palestine, Iran, the UK, Iraq and many others – aren’t looking too good for a varying yet interrelated number of reasons.  I list all the other countries because I don’t want to make it seem like America’s problems are the only ones in the world that matter: they’re just the ones I am the most familiar with and feel like I can have the most impact on because I speak the language and actually live here.

My point is that there are a lot of things that are wrong, and there are a lot of people spending a lot of time either not addressing them or actually perpetuating them and making them worse. 

Some people may wonder why these things are such a huge deal to me, and there’s two main reasons:  the first is that I have to live in this world no matter how bad it is or gets, so if I can have anything to do with it at all, I want it to be a pleasant place to spend my One Life.  The second, though, is not so self-interested, and is about the fact that so many other people have to live with even worse consequences of the way things are:  extreme poverty, perpetual warfare and just a generally not-pleasant, repressed life are some of them.  For their sake, as well as my own, I feel very dedicated to changing the way Things Are on this planet.  I’d rather spend my entire life working hard to do that, than spend it in a comfortable luxury forever and wake up one day to realize the earth has become a real-life hell, or even worse, to see the human race go extinct through nuclear warfare or some other horrible means.  We have way more potential and can do WAY better than that.  I’ll always say this because it’s always true, but now is the time to Do Something.  So,

1, 2, 3…