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Fukushima. The Philippines. Oil Spills. GMOs. Needless wars. I feel like there isn’t a single thing out there that’s not screaming out to me:


People are being arrested all over the world for a myriad of silly, non-harmful actions as our police are increasingly focused on and being bought out by big money.

On that note, cops are overstepping their authority in just about every twisted way you can imagine (“protect and serve?” Not so much.).

There are people thinking that “if we could just pass a few more laws!” everything would be perfect. But it won’t – laws don’t change people, people change people.

Then, there are the people who think we have too many laws (and I’d be inclined to agree with them, to a degree) and that getting rid of them will make everything perfect. But it won’t, the entire system needs a major revamping.

Our legal system is a joke, where the winner in any case pretty much comes down to the person with enough money to pay for a lawyer who knows all the loopholes in our giant mess of laws – the number of which is only increasing every day.

Our food system would be more properly named our “food-like” system, as more and more of it is being concocted in labs as opposed to grown on farms (and sometimes even what’s growing on the farm was made in a lab!).

Our general lack of real nutrition is causing people to need MULTIPLE prescriptions per person, and the TV acts like this is just totally normal, while the drug companies happily soak up all that extra money they get from the terribly jacked up situation.

Speaking of which, our for-profit healthcare system is focused on prescribing patent-able drugs, rather than preventing and curing ailments and diseases, because, of course, doing that would make them a lot less money (and when the almighty dollar has nearly-god-status, we can’t have that, now, can we?!).

Our mass media system has death on replay and manages to keep any semblance of good news far from any now-hopeless American ears, ensuring that people keep believing change is impossible and that everybody everywhere is out to get them (and their children).

Millions of people are just scrounging to get by while the fat rich kids continue to nickel-and-dime us all in order to buy bigger houses, shinier cars, and more advertising space – ensuring that you continue to believe that this is the way everything is supposed to work.

And that, my friends, is the saddest part of it all. Most people believe that everything in the world is just dandy, civilization has reached its peak, and to do ANYTHING even remotely differently is like making a deal with the devil. You want to revamp the entire government? You’re a terrorist! You want a new economic system that distributes wealth more equally? Then you’re a communist, libtarded, idealistic, evil-hippy who knows nothing about how this stuff works. You want to legalize marijuana?! You must be the devil incarnate – God, save us all now!

But – truth is – I’m not a terrorist. I’m not a communist, and I’m not the devil-incarnate. I’m a human being. A human being who cares an awful lot about the one and only planet we inhabit, the delicate balance of life that must be maintained in order for our species to survive, and, of course, the billions of other thinking, feeling, loving human beings that inhabit this tiny little earth with me. I see, more clearly than you could ever imagine, how easily we could turn our dire situation around if we could only admit that we have a problem, and commit to working together to fix it.

Sure, we could just do nothing, all die in a hellish apocalypse together, and the universe would probably go on as if nothing had happened. That is an obvious possibility. But wouldn’t that be an awfully anti-climactic ending to the wonderful human story we’ve written together thus far? I mean, we’ve worked our way through the Dark Ages, fought our way through slavery, and protested our way to human rights for everybody – young, old, male, female, black, white, and otherwise. We’ve come so far, but we still have a long ways to go. To give up now would be to throw away 10,000+ years of human history – all of that effort for nothing!

I simply will not give up that easily. I was not born on this planet to witness all of this injustice and then just sit back and do nothing about it. I’m going to keep fighting – regardless of the names I’ll be called, the looks I’ll be given, or the rumors that will spring up around me and what I’m doing. There is LIFE out there that needs my help, and I’m not going to ignore its cry.

All I hope for in this is that you – yes, YOU – might join me in my fight for Justice, in my fight for PEACE, in my fight for truth, and in my fight for love.

Together, we CAN make this world a better place.

KT ❤



False (Left-Right) Paradigm

I’ve only mentioned this once before, so I’ll forgive you if you don’t remember.. but you no longer have an excuse. (;   I do not identify as either a democrat or a republican (the two American political parties, in case any readers don’t know).

Though I’m not one to claim that the two parties have no differences, I do not support the idea that we should continue to have to choose between the “lesser of two evils.”  There are plenty of people in the world with really smart ideas about different ways that we could run things: governmentally, monetarily, and socially.  It is just crazy to believe that every single one of the 11,000 people born each day in the U.S. will identify with one of TWO relatively-similar political (and often economic/social) systems of belief.

In the future, I’ll be doing a post on specific truths that I feel can be gleaned from each of the two parties, but in this one I wanted to discuss the ways in which these “political parties” – they are actually private non-profit corporations – are similar or the same, and how that makes me, personally, unable to identify with either one of them.  Here’ goes..

Number one:  Both parties avidly support the “War on Terror,” which – even in title – doesn’t make sense.  War is a terror.  The purpose of war is usually not to completely eliminate your supposed “enemy.”  Its purpose is to scare or weaken the enemy by use of violent force until they give into your typically politically-motivated demands.  Oh, well how funny.. that is the definition of terrorism, as per Google. 

Number Two:  Both parties – if not by word, then by policy – support the unsuccessful War on Drugs.  Since its’ beginning in 1971, drug addiction rates have remained the same and drug use among teens has increased.  The number of people incarcerated for simple possession of drugs is increasing every year.  This issue rarely gets touched on in the debates.

Number Three:  Both parties’ members in congress and presidential candidates have supported the idea of unconstitutional/unofficially declared wars and overall use of the military in a trigger-happy sort of way.  The U.S. has been involved in some kind of violent conflict for over a hundred years straight.  Clearly, if that type of force was going to work to solve the world’s problems, it would have done so by now.  If the United States’ ideas and way of life are so great and wonderful, there should be no reason for us to have to force them onto people by use of violent intimidation.  The ideas should spread themselves in the way all other Truth does.

Number Four:  War, war, war.. oh, and more war.  Both parties, through the use of the scapegoat “terrorism,” are essentially supporting a war on the American people and their rights.  This started with the PATRIOT Act, enacted by the Bush administration, which allowed for the recording (tapping) of any American phone call without properly issued warrants.  Since then we have seen both parties unanimously support a renewing of the PATRIOT Act as well as the passing of the NDAA which allows for detention of American citizens without trial.  There was also bipartisan support for bills that would allow for censorship of the internet like SOPA, CISPA, and PIPA, though thankfully the People were able to keep those from being passed.

Number Five:  Presidential candidates and congressional members from both parties have stated their support of the bailouts of Wall Street financial institutions that are known to have crashed the economy through their careless, self-interested actions.

Number Six:  Neither party seems to have any concern at all for the Police State that America is becoming.  Our cops have bigger, badder, newer gear every year, and they are becoming more militarized every time you turn around.  It often feels like the cops are no longer there to protect or serve us – they are simply there to intimidate and to keep us in line.  (I recently remarked to my boyfriend that you could literally draw an angry scowl on the new Dodge Chargers they drive around.  Pay attention next time you see one.)

There are many more things that I could add to this list – but these are my top reasons for not feeling like either party has anything of substance to offer me.   Am I all for marriage equality?  Absolutely!  Do I believe that the government is not to be trusted?  In its current state, for sure!  Am I dumb enough to think that simply because someone promotes a seemingly-ethical, freedom-loving philosophy that has some truth to it, that they have no ulterior or hidden motives?  Definitely not.

Political parties are NOT an official part of the U.S. government and more than one founding father is said to have been wary of such institutions.  Us three-hundred-million-plus American people can not be divided into two, simple, even, opposite-in-every-way groups.  We are a nation of individuals!  We all have different experiences, backgrounds, ways of thinking and creative ideas. 

I think that it’s time to rethink the way we “do government.”  A true government of the people should be as diverse as the people it claims to represent.  It should be able to accommodate radically different opinions in a way that everyone’s voices are heard but rationality still prevails. 

I don’t claim to know every detail of how this should be set up..   But I do know that when you get groups of diverse people to have conversations – crazy ideas often result.  I hope that I get to see some of those ideas come to fruition in my lifetime.

Let’s start Talking.


Change is Coming.

So, tonight I’ve decided to share with you just a little bit about me, personally – why I think the way I do, what I’d like to see in the world and what I am seeing.

When I first began “waking up,” as I call it – my enlightening moment while watching The Union: The business behind getting High, where I realized that if I had been lied to about this one thing (marijuana) my entire life, I was lied to about other things.  By the government.  By my school.  By my religion which extended to almost everyone I knew.  By TV and by non-profit organizations. 

Anyway, when I first started looking into all of these things, I pretty much had nobody around to talk to about it other than my boyfriend.  The general consensus around me seemed to be that anybody who thought the government or media would ever lie to us was crazy.  Since then, I’ve seen almost a complete one-eighty in the American population.  Almost.  There are still a good number of people who have complete faith that the government and the mass news-media have honorable intentions, but I see them as a shrinking minority.  There are people everywhere that I can talk to about these things.

I say that to say that things are changing.  Right now.  More and more people are starting to notice the systems of control that are in place to keep us complacent – and all of their flaws.  The next ten years is going to prove a very eventful time for humanity.  Not only are we evolving mentally, with more people embracing logic as the backbone of their beliefs, but we’re also growing exponentially in the technological area – the internet is going to gain some billions of voices over the next few years as access to it expands!  We’re also growing in our capacity to empathize with and love others.  Sometimes, people disappoint me and I fail to see this as true for a time, but looking over longer time spans, it is clear to me that people are becoming more accepting of others, in general.  It’s a wonderful thing.

The world’s going to be a completely different place soon.  As I said in this post, I am extremely excited to be living in the time that I am.  I really hope that we all get to watch the world become a better place, and not worse.  Seeing all the revolutions occurring around the world has made me much more hopeful about that idea.  People are changing. 

Imagine if it was everyone’s goal to leave the world in a better state than when we arrived.  The idea of what that would look like has convinced me to make it my goal.  Feel free to make it yours, too.  It’s how real change starts.

Much Love,

It’s Not Obama.

So, it is now that time where I’m going to get a little political.  Don’t worry, though, this shouldn’t be anything like what you’ll hear when turning on the TV. (;

 I don’t identify as either a democrat or republican, because I feel like both – yes, both – parties have a lot of issues that I simply can’t and won’t be associated with.  But, even more so is the fact that they both actually take the same stance on a lot of issues that I deeply care about, and feel like are far more important than many of the ones that apparently distinguish democrat from republican.   That’s a post all its own.

What I wanted to talk about is the hoards of people who likely (but not necessarily) identify as republican, and whose number-one complaint right now is this: Obama.  Yup! Nothing else!  Literally, just Obama.  They might say “Obama and his evil liberal minions” or “Obama and all his Muslim Terrorist Friends from Islamistan (joke, kind of),” but they talk about Obama like he’s the all-powerful leader of this elaborate scheme to take over the American government and turn us into the New North Korea. 

I understand that our American government is becoming ever-more like a dictatorship, and we do seem to be losing many of our rights.  I agree on that!  But they act like Obama is literally the cause of Everything Wrong with America, like he sits up at night plotting what his next move is going to be to take away some more American rights!

In this way of thinking, they’re missing an essential piece of the puzzle.  At least 80% of the decisions that are blamed on Obama, Obama didn’t make!  Most of the problems that are attributed to him, he had nothing (or almost nothing) to do with.  He – as well as most of those well-known public faces holding some government office – is just a puppet for big oil, big weapons, big banks, big agribusiness, big pharma and big media.  Of course, it suits these Big Interests to have Obama as a scapegoat to focus all the republicans’ very legitimate anger and frustration on, letting them think that at the next election they can just vote in one of their kind and things are going to magically fix themselves.

But replacing Obama with anybody – even you! – won’t fix any of our big problems.  It’s completely pointless when the government itself has so many issues, and that’s not to mention the revolving-door relationship between the government and big business.  Mitt Romney’s top donors during the past election were the biggest banks and investment firms in America.  “Party” is obviously irrelevant; the government as is has far too many tie-ins with Big Business.  I mean, it’s like we’re all in a sinking boat with a giant hole in it and everyone’s arguing about what method to use to get the water out while completely ignoring that giant gaping hole in the side!

In another analogy, our entire government really is like a rickety three-hundred-year-old house we just keep trying to patch up, when it would be much more effective and worthwhile to just demolish the thing and build a brand-new, beautiful, maybe even energy-efficient one!  

I’m not saying that that would be an easy task, or one that doesn’t require lots of planning and cooperation by everyone involved on so many different levels.  I’m also not saying we might not have to seek out and utilize some of the world’s best and most modern technology in order for everyone to have a meaningful say in how things turn out.  But what I am saying is that, when all is said and done, we’ll be the ones with that awesome house on the street that everyone slows down to marvel at as they’re driving on by.  We can be that Capital of Democracy once again, if we so choose. (;

There is no reason to fear governmental reform simply because the task is too daunting or it seems like too much work.  That’s what we call being lazy.  One of the number one steps to achieving any kind of great success is doing the hard work.  It’s spending that extra time on something, and not giving up when things get really, really tough.

It’s time to stop putting the blame for the Way Things Are on anybody but ourselves.  We, together, have all of the power in the world to change the things that we don’t like.  The key word there is together, though, and that’s why there are psychopathically power-hungry People who have a vested interest in keeping us divided smack down the middle, as in, republicans and democrats.

It’s time to set aside all the petty differences and realize that all of us, as far as I know, still value things like freedom, justice, love, peace and liberty.  It’s time to admit that there are corrupt people currently involved in our government, in big business, and in both at once that are extremely money- and power-hungry, and who wouldn’t mind taking those Valued Things from us, if to them, it means making an extra buck.

The problem here is not with Obama. 
The problem is with us.
It’s time to stop complaining unless we’re going to Do Something about it.

Love & Light

Illusory Freedom.

Americans like to tout their supposed “Freedom” as a reason why America is the “greatest country in the world” and why some people supposedly “hate us.” (Hataz!). I mean, we have the freedom of Speech, freedom of Religion, and freedom of the Press! What more could we possibly want?

Let me start off by saying that we do not have any of the above freedoms, or at least not in the way that we think we do.  The only real freedom we have in this country is the freedom to choose the work we do for a living, and even that isn’t true for all people, or at all times. As for the aforementioned “Freedoms” that make America so great…

What use is “freedom of speech” when the people who try to expose the sadistic things our government/military does are thrown in solitary confinement, regularly forced to strip naked, harassed and otherwise silenced?  What use is freedom of the Press when a mere Five Mega-Corporations control over 90% of the media you will see or hear in the U.S.?  What use is the freedom to choose a religion when nearly 80% of Americans identify as “Christian” and 75% of people are known to stick with the religion their parents raised them as? 

While we’re on Religion: it would be one thing if people were educated on all religions up until they reached a mature age where they were able to choose one for themselves – encouraged to follow their heart, guaranteed to be free from persecution (true Freedom).  However, most American Christians take their kids to church with them from the day they’re born, and they expect said children to Follow in their own footsteps.  Many kids who choose to go against this conditioning are ostracized by their family, or at least have to live with knowing their parents think they’re going to Hell.  Christians regularly try to impose their faith on others, and will tell you that anyone who doesn’t believe Like They Do is going to be tortured and burned alive for eternity (freedom of religion! Yeah!)

”But of course, these are isolated examples,” you might say.  “At least we don’t live under a dystopian dictatorial government that controls every aspect of our lives… we have a democracy!”  Yeah, you get one measly little vote for every four years of your life after you’re eighteen (which totals to about 15 for your Entire Life), and that’s about the scope of your say in the government unless you want to get into politics (which most people don’t).

Let me put it another way:  You did not help to create our government. You don’t get to pick what billboards you see on your way to work. You don’t choose what airs on TV or what the local Hit Music Station plays on the radio.  You had no say in what classes would be fed to you for the first twelve years of your life, eight hours a day, for five days a week, as soon as you were able to speak.  You don’t set the fashion trends, or choose what artists get picked up by a label.  You don’t make the laws, choose what magazines are in your face at the cash register, or decide what chemicals are dumped in your drinking water.  You don’t get to decide who you’ll marry, what you can put in your body (drug laws), or what is safe for you and what isn’t (seat-belt laws).  The amount of control we actually get over our day-to-day lives is little to none, because on top of all this, we are also controlled by Money, and, of course, Debt.

So, the next time you’re talking to me about Soldiers dying for our Freedom in some far-away-lands, don’t mind me when I look at you like you’re a bit delusional.  I just haven’t the slightest idea what freedoms it is that you’re talking about.