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#thankful4 Wednesday: Travel


I’m grateful for the ability to travel.  Not just in the sense of moving from one location to another, but in the broader sense of experiencing new things in their entirety:  sights, feelings, tastes, sounds, smells… Something about being in a place where I recognize absolutely nothing is extremely exhilarating to me. 

 A lot of people seem to think they need money to “travel,” but if you think about it in the way I just described, there might be somewhere within your own town to “travel” to that you just didn’t know existed!  Just the other day I discovered a new park with a number of beautiful hiking trails right on the outskirts of my town; a ten minute drive away! I felt like I was traveling, even though it probably took less than a gallon of gas to get to this place.  You don’t “need money” to travel; just a sense of adventure and imagination, as well as an appreciation for the simple things – like those I mentioned above.  

What are you thankful for today?


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* Every Wednesday, I post a picture and a couple paragraphs about something – usually something out of the ordinary – that I’m thankful for. Anybody who wants to is welcome to join me on this endeavor. (;