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on Emotions.


I feel like people are very emotionally repressed these days.  We’re regularly encouraged – mostly by big media outlets like TV, film, and radio – to hide our emotions, bury them, deny them, and express them in unhealthy ways.  I want to shine a light on what some of those ways are – as they aren’t always easy to spot if you’re not looking for them – as well as discuss some healthy alternatives to the examples we so often are presented with.  (:

One of the most obvious examples is anger.  Reality TV teaches people to be catty, aggressive, and even violent, and most other media outlets seem to promote violence as an appropriate reaction to anger as well.  You won’t find many examples of people just talking out their problems like the grown adults that they should be, because apparently it doesn’t make for “good TV”, but I have learned from experience that most disagreements are a result of some kind of miscommunication and can be solved with calm, well thought-out, proper communication.

Sadness is often portrayed as something for the “weak,” especially if you’re male, but also if you’re female – there was a song that came out just a few years ago by Fergie entitled “Big Girls Don’t Cry.”  If sadness is being portrayed as an okay emotion to feel, it is often done so in this whiney, poor-me, the-world-is-ending, I’m-so-depressed kind of way.  I think sadness is one of those emotions that you should definitely feel to the fullest without trying to repress it, but then after feeling it fully you’ve got to move through it and past it – it shouldn’t be something that consumes you.

Jealousy is a really scary one, as it is often accepted as warranting controlling and even abusive behavior (so many mega-hit pop songs today are about basically abusive relationships – Maroon 5’s One More Night has 200 million views on Youtube, Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance has 525 million, and Eminem and Rihanna’s Love the Way You Lie? 581 million.)  In my opinion, we are far too accepting of jealousy – and as a result, controlling behaviors like screening texts – especially in romantic, but honestly all relationships today.  But that’s because that’s all the media ever lets us see.  Jealousy actually represents insecurities, and the healthy way to deal with it is to identify said insecurities and work through them – not use it as an excuse to dictate somebody else’s behavior.

When it comes to what we think of as some of the “better” emotions – feeling love, as one example – we’re often taught not to “let it show” and even just avoid love altogether because it can be “risky.”  While I do agree that anytime you choose to trust someone you are taking an emotional risk, the biggest risks are usually attached to the greatest rewards, and the only way to have truly fulfilling relationships is to put yourself out there knowing full well that you could be rejected.  As for something like happiness – especially if it is resulting from any accomplishments – you’ll usually see it as something to rub in people’s faces while “fxcking the haterz,” but I wholeheartedly believe that joy is something that we should be sharing and not keeping to ourselves.

Last, but not least – and this really shouldn’t take much explaining: our naturally sexual nature has been twisted and made into something dirty and shameful when it is actually beautiful and (in my opinion) sacred.  I don’t have the typical conservative view that sexuality should be kept behind closed doors and nudity should only be acceptable between two people in a relationship together, but I do think that we should view the human body, as well as sex, in a respectful way and not in the hyper-sexual, shallow way it is often presented in.

So that’s my opinion on many common emotions and feelings and how they’re often misrepresented.  It’s a proven fact that emotional repression, as well as any unhealthy expressing of emotion, only leads to further unhealthiness and unhappiness.  We do all know how bad mental stress and anxiety is for your body, right?  Good. (: If not, go look it up!  Anyway, I think we need to learn how to deal with intense emotions in much more healthy and appropriate ways.  I hope I was able to give you an idea of what that looks like with this post.

As always – much love to you all,


A good majority of adults in America today spend most of their time either sleeping (obviously) or doing things they don’t truly want to do (read: working a job they don’t like).  The cost of living is so high that a forty-hour job barely cuts it, what with kids to feed and all.  Most people are in debt, as our economy runs on it..  Did you know the economy will crash if more debt isn’t constantly being created? Look it up if you don’t believe me.

To escape the job they don’t like and the growing mountain of debt they can’t pay off, millions of Americans go home after work each night, get comfy on the sofa, and watch TV ‘till bedtime.  On-screen, they’re shown images of happy people with oversized houses, fancy clothes, brand-new cars and, of course, no debt.  They internalize the ideas that if they just work hard enough, if they could just buy a few more things: they, too, can be like those people on TV, living happily ever after.

But what is shown on TV is not reality, despite the fact that it is often presented as such (Reality TV, anybody?).  People who spend nearly half of their waking hours doing something they don’t like to do are not happy people.  People who own a lot of “stuff” are not happy people.  People who live in a racist, sexist, homophobic, shallow, violent, judgmental, backstabbing, materialistic society are NOT happy people.  But, of course, that is what TV generally portrays. 

Cable television exists for one reason: to make money.  They need you to feel like you’re always in a state of lack – physically and emotionally.  They need you to be insecure and unhappy so that their products can make you “secure” and “happy”.  They need you to be dumb – that way you don’t think about the things they tell you (or don’t) and instead you mindlessly consume.  They need you to be individualistic:  who cares if you only use something once every six months?  You need one of your own – and so does every.  Body.  Else.

How long is it going to take for us to realize that it’s all lies?  There are enough resources and enough labor to take care of everybody’s basic needs and still have plenty of both left over.  Happiness comes from within – from loving yourself, and loving others, from doing things you enjoy, and being grateful for what you have.  Money is not the answer to our problems: our currency is rapidly losing value while wages are stagnant and prices are rising.  It is time to snap back to the real Reality.

I know that we all want a better life, if not for ourselves, than for our children.  But that life isn’t going to happen as long as we keep doing what we’ve always done. It’s time to change some things up.  This is the 21st century, not the eighteen- or nineteen-hundreds. Unplug from the TV that serves to keep you locked in an Old Paradigm.  Spend some time reading, or in nature, or creating art, or meeting new people.  I guarantee you’ll begin to feel like a new – and happy – person.

Lots of Love,

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Does Anybody?

*I wrote this on a whim, to go with the above song.. Feel free to listen while you read.

Does anybody else cry over the smallest amount of spilled milk?
Does anybody else get overly angry at those slower-than-slow drivers on the highway?
Does anybody else go outside at sunset, just to take in the beauty of it?
I do.

Does anybody else love to eat chocolate ice cream straight out of the carton?
Does anybody else dance or sing their heart out in front of the mirror when nobody’s home?
Does anybody else follow current events, just so they can feel like they’re part of a bigger picture?
I do.

Does anybody else worry about what the world will look like in the next five, ten, fifty years?
Does anybody else think our one-week vacations to the beach are too few and far between?
Does anybody else see the twinkling stars at night and wish they could escape this place?
I do.

Does anybody else feel like life is eluding them, somewhere behind school, work, dating, bills, fads, TV, Facebook, movies, parties, and politics?
Does anybody else cherish every moment spent with friends, family, and lovers, because that’s when you truly feel alive?
Does anybody else want to go back to the basics, and live a simpler life?
I do.

Does anybody else see the starving children in EVERY country and wish those children could partake in the extreme excess of food we have here in America?
Does anybody else’s heart pound when they listen to a chorus of hundreds of people, all singing about the same goals and dreams?
Does anybody else wonder if they are losing it sometimes?
I do.

Does anybody else wonder where the love has gone?
Does anybody else question the current state of our world?
Does anybody else wonder what happened?
Does anybody?



Life is Good.

“Smile, ‘cause Life is Good!”

I’ve been repeating these words to myself as often I as I can remember to lately, because I tend to, like most people in Western Society, take many things for granted that I really am Lucky to have.  A nice place to live, a comfortable bed, and nourishing food are just a few things that get taken for granted on a daily basis by people in “developed countries” who are able to afford such Luxuries.

In my past, there have been at least a few instances where I let negative thoughts, anxiety and stress really get to me for an extended period of time.  It doesn’t take too long, though, before I am a complete emotional wreck (sometimes crying multiple times a day!).  I’ve noticed that what separates those depressing times from the ecstatic, high points of my life is a lot about my attitude towards things, and not so much about what is actually happening to me on a day to day basis.  When I stop taking notice of all the little things that make me happy – the smell of coffee, the sound of birds singing, and so on – life really loses the magical charm that it has during the times when I remember to be grateful for Everything that I have the joy of Experiencing.

Something that I’ve learned to do in order to keep a positive outlook on things is to get a piece of paper, write at the top “I am Thankful for…” and complete the sentence, listing everything I can that I feel in Any Way grateful for.  I try to think outside the Box and get creative about what I write down, as this helps me to start taking joy in things I previously hadn’t even thought about – the feeling of the sun on my face, or the fact that I even have time to sit around and think about these things, for that matter.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, if you want to change your Life, you’ve got to change the way you Think.  I no longer have to sit down and write out a list in order to get that giddy, almost magical feeling of how Amazing life is.  I just tell myself “Smile, ‘cause Life is Good,” fifty times a day and watch my Life transform in front of my Eyes.