About Me

Name: Katie
Age: 21
Location: USA – in the South
Sign: Virgo
Background: Dutch, Irish, German, Native American

I’m not your average American girl. I lean toward introversion so I come off as quiet and shy, but I love to have a good time as much as anybody. (; I’m a waitress by day, but in my spare time I’m a writing, dancing, garden-growing, picture-taking, politically opinionated, hippy-ish girl that’s just trying to make sense of this crazy thing we’ve all chosen to call “Life.”

Me, my boyfriend of three years, and our two cats live in the Southern half of the US of A, where we have all the time in the world to talk about politics, people, philosophy, and society in general (but we love hiking, bike-riding, camping with friends and going out to shows too!). On a general basis, I prefer deep and philosophical discussion to small talk about the weather or what clothes someone bought at the mall yesterday, so many of the conversations I have with people will lead to posts on my blog and vice versa.

I started this blog because I want to see the world become a more beautiful, positive and loving place to live. For more info on EvolvedLove and what it means to me, check out the “About EL” page here.


6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi there, lovely blog! Nice bumping into you in the WordPress community – I’m new here 🙂
    I’ve read a few times Virgos and Leos don’t go so well together, but I have 2 best friends that are also Virgos. Go figure!
    I’ll try to keep up w/ the blog now
    – Thay

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