About EL

I chose to start this blog because I was desperate for a way to share the things that I think and feel with as many people as possible. I see a lot of areas of society that – if we humans really wanted to – we could totally change for the better. These areas range from our personal relationships to the way we interact globally, from government organization to organized religion, from education to the environment to, of course, the economy.

I also know that there are a number of people who have interest in these areas and institutions not changing. I don’t think it’s some kind of giant evil conspiracy per se, but there certainly are people who are pretty desperate to not lose what they see as their “livelihood” in the face of a number of growing social pressures. I want to share my thoughts with those people, too. It’s natural to cling to the things that make up our identity – but at times we must learn to give them up in order to grow as a person, and further, as a society and as a species. Hence: Evolved.

I believe the root cause of most of our problems is the failure to see ourselves – the human race – as being connected not only to each other, but to all life, the world, and the universe. By seeing ourselves as somehow separate, we act in ways that hurt others while failing to see that we’re actually doing grave damage to ourselves.

So what is the solution? What do we need to do to reverse the damage we have collectively done?

What I see as the deceptively simple answer to these questions is love. Not the romantic but often possessive love that you see in movies – I mean the kind of Agape love that my Christian background taught me God has for us, and that we should have for each other. It’s a love that is unconditional, uninhibited, and far more than just a feeling. It’s a love that’s a lifestyle – an evolved lifestyle. Hence: Evolved Love.

I’m going to write about what I feel this lifestyle should look like here on my blog. Feel free to, lovingly, share your thoughts as well. I hope that you’ll join me in my quest to make this world a better place. May truth and love always prevail. ❤

“When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they can seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall. Think of it — always.”
― Mahatma Gandhi


3 thoughts on “About EL

  1. A lot of your motivations for blogging reflect a lot of my own. Spreading a message of peace and (agape) love. Drawing attention to the inherent hypocrisies of the standard operating procedures of conventional society, the current political/financial power structure, and the old cultural story of the past few millenia. In particular I like the emphasis on Agape as opposed to Eros based love. Agape is unconditional and accepting. Eros is jealous and possessive. Agape says if you love someone set them free. Eros says if I can’t have you no one will. It also parallels my concept of “responsibility” as opposed to “ownership”. I.e. This is mine so I am responsible for it, like my family, my friends, my pets, and my community. As opposed to this is mine so I can use it up and abuse it and do whatever I want with it without any consideration for the consequences or their feelings. I feel that a lot of society’s downward spiral is because so many are so rooted in the latter half of the aforementioned dualities. Anyway, wanted to say thank you for being another person with the courage to speak up about what matters and stand up for what they believe in. I have a lot of respect for you and your path.

    1. Wow. First off, what you said there at the end really means a lot to me, so thank you. ❤

      Secondly.. I really, really like your responsibility vs ownership idea. That's a pretty genius way of putting things; I'm definitely going to remember it! I agree that it is partially responsible for the way things seem to be going right now in society. At the same time, I am so glad there are people like you and I who are putting out an opposing energy to all that. With enough of us, maybe we can get the spiral to spin the other way! Thank you for all you do as well. (:

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