Christianity & Homosexuality.

I realize there are probably a million posts on this topic around the web, but I want to present just a slightly different perspective (Honestly, I’m writing this for all the Christians that I used to know when I, too, considered myself a “Christian,” as I understand the way they think and I can generally see the exact points where their logic goes awry). So, without further ado, this is what I’d like to discuss with any Christians who believe that homosexuality is a sin: why?

So far as I can tell, there isn’t a single logical reason that the Christian community has presented as to why homosexuality is a ‘sin.’ In the past, Christians have made attempts at logical reasons like, “homosexuals are more likely to molest children,” or “children growing up in a homosexual household will have severe mental issues,” and even “homosexuality is unnatural.”  All such reasons have since been proven wrong, and most Christians have retreated to the defense that homosexuality is a sin – or somehow morally wrong – simply because the Bible says so.  This, quite obviously, makes no logical sense.  In order to claim that something is morally wrong – and yes, even Christians know this – you must have a better reason than “because so-and-so said so.”  It doesn’t matter if the so-and-so is someone you believe to be God.  Why?  Because, with that logic, you end up like the Pentecostals who won’t cut their hair “because the Bible says so,” or Baptists who won’t let women preach because “the Bible says so,” or even the Jews who won’t eat pork or shellfish – why? – of course, because the Bible says so.  The Christians I grew up around considered all of these groups of people to be Bible-illiterate, or interpreting the Bible incorrectly, yet they all are doing the same thing with regards to homosexuality these days.

Now, to be clear, some moral claims Christians make from the Bible do make logical sense.  Murdering and stealing involve infringing on another person’s rights.  Cheating and dishonesty erode the trust that is necessary for healthy relationships.  Being a drunk causes you to make horrible decisions and can be extremely bad for your health – physically and mentally.  However, when it comes to homosexuality, there are literally no logical reasons why it should be considered a sin – as in, morally wrong – only the overused claim that “the Bible says so.”  (Which, in fact, it really doesn’t, but that’s a whole post on its own.)

I would love to hear a logical reason as to why homosexuality is a sin – here’s one last one that I’ve heard:  homosexual couples aren’t able to reproduce.  But of course, in that case, those who are unable to bear children together should also be considered sinners, as should those who choose to remain single/celibate and couples who choose not to have kids. 

So, again I ask: why

Thanks for reading, and have a GRRRRREAT day!
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8 thoughts on “Christianity & Homosexuality.

  1. Here is a reasoned and supported article from biblical scholars on why people who believe in the inspiration of the Bible and follow Christ believe homosexuality is a sin. It wasn’t hard to find an argument that wasn’t based on the only reasons you claim to have heard. In fact you seem to have neglected the number one reason why Christians claim homosexuality is a sin. It clearly states so in the Bible… centuries of biblical scholarship support this.

  2. Well said! The ONLY contrary thing I would like to comment about is the pork and shellfish thing. It’s being nitpicky I know since that wasn’t even what you were talking about but there WAS a reason ancient Hebrews had restrictions on what they ate and how they washed and such. I don’t remember the EXACT science but I do remember learning something about how hard it was to prepare the meats and how easy it was to get diseases from them if done the wrong way. The specifics on washing before entering the temple were all about God keeping people from spreading diseases before they really understood proper hygiene so it was a similar situation. That was just a preventative measure put in place so people didn’t start making themselves very ill. So there ARE some things that we originally believe are in the Bible for no good reason but at the time they were written actually held a lot of importance as a rule to be followed. Not saying homosexuality is the same way but, just to make sure people understand to REALLY evaluate the rules in their context and not just chunk them out as unreliable, ritualistic bull.

  3. Well, as a homosexual girl you can imagine I’ve asked myself that question countless times. Honestly, I’m not entirely sure it’s as sinful as the church says it is.
    And then I wonder if what Paul said about homosexuality still has the same meaning. 2000 years ago, temple prostitution was very popular. Guys sleeping with guys to worship some god. Paul was undoubtedly referring to that. But who knows if he was talking about loving same-sex relationships? I don’t know. And if we’re gonna go that way, then we might as well separate men and women in church again.
    However, something about being in a same-sex relation feels off. There’s something about being with a girl that just doesn’t feel right. But how do you know if that has to do with accusations from the church or those around you or maybe accusations from within? Or does it feel wrong because it IS wrong? I don’t know. So, like I said, I have pondered this thing soooo many times. And just a few weeks ago I thought about how I understand why it’s wrong to be jealous of people. I know why it’s wrong to murder people. I know why pedophilia is absolutely devastating, I know all of that. But I can’t seem to figure out why and how a loving same-sex relationship with God in the center is wrong. But because I’m not sure, I decided to remain single, because in the end I desire to be that person God saw when He created me. As things are right now, I don’t feel I can be that person while being in a relationship with a woman.

  4. That same thing that you can’t figure out, neither can I. From what I can tell, there is no FUNDAMENTAL difference between an opposite-sex relationship and a same-sex relationship that should make one more “sinful” than the other… unless, of course, it all comes down to us being able to have babies.

    In that case, I’m so NOT down. Lol. (:

    1. LOL 🙂

      Yeah, well… I definitely continue to pray about it. I’m okay with being single, but the thought of staying single for the rest of my entire life just doesn’t sound that appealing. 😉 it sounds pretty yuck to be honest! Haha.
      But if I have to then I’ll be okay with it. I just wish, first and foremost, that the church would stop treating people like me like they have some kind of demon that has to be cast out. Maybe it would be better to acknowledge the fact that homosexuals can’t help they’re gay. I’m not demon-possessed (which is what some charismatic believers think when they find out about same-sex attractions), I’m just a girl who loves God and happens to fall in love with a girl every now and then. But my homosexuality is not the only truth about me, and it’s not the most powerful truth either.
      So… I like your post! Thanks for bringing that controversial subject up! 🙂

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