“Curse” Words

I actually came across this hilarious video after I had already written my blog post, but it went so well together that I had to include it. I also love things that give me a good laugh, so I wanted to give you the chance to do the same (watch the whole thing! It’s probably funnier for Harry Potter fans). (;

… Interlude while you watch.

(Disclaimer: This post may offend you. Keep reading. There’s a method to my madness.)

Okay! So, let’s just get this out of the way… fuck.

I’m willing to bet the majority of you kind of cringed just now. Looking at that particular arrangement of pixels on a screen sets off some kind of alarm-type-thing in most people’s brains. Even in mine, though to a smaller degree, I’m sure. What would your reaction be if you heard a little kid say “that word”?

Most people have been trained – be it be by our media culture, religion, parents or some other means – to have an emotional, if not visceral reaction to certain words, even when they are said without any context at all, as in: fuck. There are literally people taking some kind of offense to that word right now. Why?!

This is my conclusion: it would seem as though a lot of people, perhaps even you, are more concerned about what words are coming out of someone’s mouth than they are with the attitude that lies behind the words. Let that sink in.


That, my friends, is called setting oneself up for total failure! It matters infinitely more why someone is saying something than what they are saying. Just watch a little politics and you’ll figure that one out real quick!

Now, listen, I completely understand getting offended by someone saying “fuck you.” It’s considered mean, rude, and an insult, and I’m definitely not advocating that people be mean or rude to each other! Quite the opposite! But be offended because of the attitude behind the words, not the words themselves. This sick fixation we have with more or less arbitrary words simply “being bad” on their own – independent of anything – is completely irrational and based only on the fact that “society says it’s bad.”

I’ve got some news for ya, Friend. Society is going to tell you all kinds of things are bad. I touched on that in this post. “Society” clings to traditions and often doesn’t know when to let go. People have been using the “but society! Tradition! The world will fall to piecessss!” argument for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. They’ve attempted to use it for everything from accepting the sun as the center of our solar system to allowing gay people to marry. Nearly every time, all it does is hold meaningful human progress back.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I, personally, couldn’t care less what so-called “society” has to say about me, my words, or my actions. What I do care about is rational people coming to me with rational reasons why certain things should or should not be done. You would do well to do the same! It’s past time to get rid of the “what others will think” shackles, as well as “tradition,” “conformity,” and anything else that people think should take precedence over plain logic.

Free Your Mind.


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