Speaking the Truth.

”Speak the truth, even if your voice shakes.” – Unknown

Voicing a controversial opinion on a controversial subject is a lot harder than you’d think it would be in America in 2013.  We’re all about “Freedom of Speech,” but forget that persecution for speaking your mind can come from places Other than just the Government.  We can do just as much persecuting ourselves, and we often do. As a result, the majority of Americans are afraid to have an opinion on anything that goes against the “status quo.”  People who think for themselves are seen as crazy because we don’t feel the need to please other people with our life and beliefs.  Such a heresy!

But I just wanted to say… try being Real for a bit, regardless of what you assume people are thinking.  Speak Your Truth, even when it is hard, and I’ll do the same. Remember that when you speak the Truth about things that you feel, there will always be naysayers.  They think they have something to gain from the many lies that are propagated on a regular basis, but they don’t!  Show them that the Light side is the Right side, and that the world can be a much better place if we just learn to be Real and Honest with each other and stop putting people down all the time. 

Do what you want to do,
Say what you want to say,
Express how you really Feel,
Admit when you’re Wrong,
and Tell people about your Struggles.

Lastly – don’t ever, ever be afraid.

Speak the truth, even when your voice shakes.


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